Our Projects

Al Rayhan tents and sheds company is a comprehensive construction resource, offering to our valued customers preconstruction services of tents and sheds, product education, manufacturing, installation, and long-term customer service of fabric structures. With aim to protect you through our tents and sheds from a situation where there is too much heat, especially in the United Arab Emirates and many GCC countries where the summer season stays too long in a year we have primarily set up with expertise for specialized projects for all kinds of tents and sheds including tensile shade structures, steel structures, and all kinds of aluminum tents. We use all kinds of fabric like PVC with PVDF Fabric, PTFE Fabric, HDPE Fabric, Polythene Fabric, and Acrylic Fabric. Our canopies, sheds, sails, umbrellas, and tents are the most loved products by our clients.