Canopy Shade

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Canopy Shades

Al Rayhan Tents & Sheds provide you with canopy shades which have high use of temperatures, strength, and chemical resistance. The canopy sheds are waterproof tarps and are a very good covering material that can be used to cover your products, goods, warehouses, car, pools, pergolas, etc.
It has wide application and good performance. the canopy shades is suitable for both high and low-temperature environments and can protect from sunlight as well.
It has good quality and high-cost performance. Al Rayhan provide you with a high-quality product which is very important in every aspect and requirement.

PVC Tarpaulins

Al Rayhan Tents & Sheds, along with canopy shades, will also provide you with a plastic-coated high-strength polyester waterproof cloth based on your requirements. These are anti-fungal agent, anti-aging agent, antistatic agent, etc. We have different colorful and pleasing-to-eye PVC Tarpaulins with anti-slip effects. We customize the product in thickness, colors, and different sizes.
PVC tarpaulins are polyester filament base cloths that have a double-sided coating of PVC paste resin. The durability of our product is good and the aging resistance of PCV tarpaulin is much better than the others.

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